Looking for a Samsung data recovery guide because you want to recover your lost data? Well, you have come to the right place! Nobody likes losing their precious data from their Samsung phones due to accidents. Data loss can occur due to a variety of reasons like:
– Human factors like accidental deletion or physical damage.
– Software malfunctions like factory reset, wrongly flashing ROM etc. – Technical factors like corrupt memory cards or bad sectors.
– Technical factors like corrupt memory cards or bad sectors.

In this guide, we’re gon na discuss two methods one of which involves the recovery of deleted data from your Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 or Note 7/5/4 smartphones and other involves backing up and restoring.

Android Data Recovery toolkit is one of the best toolkits for recovering data from Samsung Galaxy smartphone currently available in the market.
Its biggest advantages is that it works with both unrooted and rooted phones and after you’re done restoring your data, it doesn’t even revoke your root status! It comes with a very sleek and clean user interface and can be used by anybody, even by those who don’t have much technical knowledge.
Follow these instructions to recover your deleted data from your Samsung Galaxy:
Step 1: Start up the program and select the “Data Recovery” option.
Connect Android to Computer Fail1

Step 2: Connect your Samsung device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. Make sure you have turned on USB debugging.
It can be found on your phone under Settings > Developer Options, follow the instructions in the software to enable the USB debugging.
Enter Download Mode

Step 3: Select all types of files that you want to scan your Samsung device for and click next.
It can recover a wide range of data like text messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and documents.
Android Recovery Select File Type

Step 4: Now you need to select from the two scan modes, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. You should go with Standard Mode because it is faster. If the Standard Mode is not able to find the desired data, go with Advanced Mode.
Android Recovery Select Recovery Mode

Step 5: The software will show you the preview of all the recoverable files. Select the ones you want to recover and click OK.
Congratulations! You’re done recovering your files.
Scanning Android Data

Note: If you get a superuser pop up on your Android device, please authorize it.
allow superuser

Samsung Switch is yet another great software for backing up and restoring your Samsung Galaxy. This software is officially distributed by Samsung, this speaks a lot for its quality. Just like the previous software, it features a very sleek and clean user interface and no technical knowledge is needed to operate it.
Backing up Data with Samsung Smart Switch

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device to PC with the help of a USB cable.
Step 2: Launch the Smart Switch App and click backup.
Samsung Smart Switch for PC

Step 3: Your phone will have a pop up to allow some access permissions.Tap allow.
Backup Samsung Smart Switch Backup Prompt

Step 4: Now the process of backing up your data will start. After the process is finished, the software will show a breakdown of all the data that was backed up. Click on OK to finish the process.
Backup Samsung Smart Switch Backup

Restoring Your Samsung Phone With Previously Backed Up Data

You’re probably doing this because you want to restore deleted data from your Samsung phone or maybe you got a new phone altogether. Well, whatever is the case, here is how you restore your phone using a backup.
Step 1: Launch the Smart Switch app after connecting your Android device to the computer via USB. Click on restore.
via USBPC Samsung Smart Switch Backup Restore. Click on restore.

Step 2: Now you will be prompted to select a backup. Select the backup that you want to restore your phone with.
Samsung Smart Switch Restore

Step 3: You will again be prompted to allow some access permissions. Tap allow to start the restoring process.
Backup Samsung Smart Switch Restore Select

Step 4: When the restore process is finished, you will get a detailed breakdown of what data has been restored. Click on OK to finish the restoring process.
You can download Smart Switch from here: Samsung Smart Switch

Well there you have it, the best two methods to recover/restore deleted data from your Samsung phone. Most of the data recovery problems can be solved using one of these two methods. Have some questions in mind? Be sure to leave a comment down below!