We may receive an overwhelming number of messages every day, which makes it sort of difficult for us to manage them orderly. In many occasions, it is very likely for you, a Samsung user, to encounter a risk of losing your vulnerable data. The following example is just one of those who suffer losing important text messages accidentally.

” Phone is Samsung Galaxy S7. Phone due for upgrade but need business data from device: contacts and text message history. Would I have to get a screen repair to access the data or could the files be accessed another way?
From forums.androidcentral.com”
How can you deal with this disturbing problem? Just go on reading!

Samsung Broken Screen

The Tool Android Data Extraction is a remarkable choice!

The phone screen broken, such as having fall download from the table, hard crashed or the screen broken by the kids, it is just a piece of cake for this data recovery toolkit. The operation of restoring your SMS is really handy, so there is no need for you to be a smartphone expert, and all you are supposed to do is to install the Android Data Extraction first and then recover what you need by following the given instructions.
Step 1: Launch the Android Data Extraction and connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer, choose Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device) in the middle of the interface.
Step 2: Select the types of files you want to scan and recover, if you want everything simply click “select all”, then click “next”.
Select Data

Step 3: Please select the “Touch doesn’t work or can not access the phone” or “Black/broken screen” depends on the screen can display normally or not, then click the “Next” button to continue.
Extraction Mode

Step 4: After choosing the damaged state, please pick out the correct device name and model carefully, if you are confused about the device model or can not find your type, just click on the highlighted sentence “How to check the device model”. The click on “Next” to continue.
Select Device Model

Step 5: Boot your Samsung Galaxy into the Downloading Mode according to the instruction given by the program:
1. Power off the phone.
2. Press and hold the Volume down + Home button + Power button.
3. Press the Volume Up to enter Download Mode
Click on the “Start” button.
Enter Download Mode

Step 6: After finishing detection, the data recovery tool begins to scan your phone and download recovery package. Please wait for a while, for important data are always worthy of waiting.

Step 7: You will get a list of recoverable messages, you can retrieve them by clicking on the “Recover”. The retrieved messages will save as TXT document, HTML document and XML document.
data extract messages

Note: You can view your messages in TXT document or HTML document on the computer.

If you want to transfer the messages back to your Samsung Galaxy built-in Message, you can copy the XML document to your phone, and use the APP “SMS Backup & Restore” to restore the messages.
Data Extract Messages


We sincerely suggest that you use Samsung Smart Switch or Android Data Backup & Restore to back your important data up at a certain interval. Next, we will simply illustrate how to use these tools.

Download the computer software Samsung Smart Switch. Run the tool on PC and connect your Samsung to it via a USB cable. You need to choose the function of backup first, then the Smart Switch will recognize the messages on your phone and start backing up within several simple steps.

As for Android Data Backup & Restore, the process is also very convenient.
1. Launch Android Data Backup & Restore toolkit for Android on PC, click on Data Backup & Restore among all the functions. Do connection between your Samsung device and a computer.

2. In the selecting step, you can only choose “Messages” to save time, or you can also select all if you like. Click “Backup” to move on.
Select Data to Backup

3. The backup procedure will take a few minutes. During the process, please do not disconnect or use your phone.

4. You can check what have been saved by clicking on “View the backup” when it is finished.
backup completed


In conclusion, even if you lose significant text messages by chance, it will be achievable and convenient for you to restore them via Android Data Backup & Restore. You are able to get important data back through this useful software, we still recommend a habit of having regular backup. In a word, “Prevention is better than cure”!