Recover Android Data However you Lose Them

Under a variety of scenarios you might lose some important data such as photos, messages, WhatsApp history, contacts and more. They may be wonderful memory of holiday spent with your family, or important business information from cooperative partner. You never know someday you may lose them in any of the following situations.
However, you can stop worrying about it! Lost data is not lost, they will be recovered completely back from a trash people can’t see with Android Data Recovery.

1.Important data/files deleted or lost accidentally
2.Restore Android into factory resetting
3.Android device damaged or broken
4.Android system crash or SD card issue
5.Rooting or ROM flashing

Easy and Fast Way to Recover Android Files

Lost data is not lost. We can recover deleted files on Android from many common scenarios.

All Features

If you have no idea about whether your lost data on Android can be recovered or not, you can download the free trial version to scan it first. After the scan, you can preview the found data. It’s free.
This Android data recovery software lets you recover deleted or lost contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, music, video and more documents.
Once you find your lost data on the Android device, you can select any item you want and save it on your computer with one click.
You can use this Android data recovery app to recover data on over 6000 Android phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZET, Huawei, etc. The list of supported devices is still growing rapidly.
This Android data recovery tool works for both rooted and unrooted Android devices, but it won’t change anything on it. The rooted device will be still rooted, and the unrooted one will also remain.
As to the SD card on Android, you can directly scan your phone or tablet, or connect it with a card reader. Both work.
This Android data recovery software only reads data on your Android phone or tablet. It won’t modify anything, keep or leak anything on your device to others.
Android data recovery sounds a pretty professional thing. Really, but people without any professional computer skills can handle it easily. Scan, preview and recover. All you need to perform is these three baby steps.
All users for this Android data recovery software can enjoy the free upgrade in future. Customer service is also included.

Other Scenarios

Two Supported Recovery Modes Available in Android Data Recovery

The data recovery for Android could detect the location of the lost data storage, you can retrieve files that you want both from internal memory and Micro SD card.

  1. Generally, text content like contacts and messages are stored on internal memory in your device, therefore, once they lost, you can get them back from internal memory through Data Recovery.
  2. Apart from the former one, phone users tend to use SD card as an extra storage to keep large-capacity media content like photos, videos, audios, so you can also retrieve files from the SD card.

Supported Files and Devices

Android Data Recovery supports to recover various data from most of the brands including Samsung (including the Galaxy S8), HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Oneplus and more.


The numerous names and numbers stored on your cellphone’s SIM card or internal memory,and other information like email, address, job title etc. will be recovered in VCF/CVS/HTML formate.


All deleted SMS or MMS you texted or received, including the attachments like photos and video can be exported as CSV/HTML files.


Retrieve chatting history with photos and videos from your Android phone even without backup.

Photos & Videos:

All the pictures and videos you took, or downloaded from internated or transferred from others are all recoverable.